PLEASE NOTE: Agile Mentors is not currently trading whilst our Managing Director, Julian Holmes, is employed by ThoughtWorks. In the interim, this list of services has been left active as a useful source of information.

Agile Mentors are renowned for assisting IT organisations to effectively adopt a disciplined agile approach to IT solutions delivery.

We understand the challenges that businesses face in transforming their delivery capability, challenges such as:

  • Increasing delivery efficiency and predictability
  • Shortening time-to-value for solutions delivery, both in production and innovation scenarios
  • Enabling and encouraging collaboration across the organisation and within delivery teams
  • Establishing connectivity throughout the development lifecycle from requirements capture to deployment
  • Dealing with complexity due to legislative constraints, size, dispersed development, or critical needs.

Our work with organisations from both private and public sectors, plus our partnerships with both systems integrators and specialist SMEs, has established us as industry leaders in addressing such challenges. We bring a disciplined approach to our transformation programmes providing such services as:

  • Helping identify opportunities for improvement with in-flight projects
  • Working with teams to develop a successful transformation roadmap
  • Providing education solutions to support transformation
  • Coaching and mentoring for teams
  • Facilitating workshops for teams to ‘kick-start’ projects
  • Building business cases for change
  • Establishing context-specific methodology frameworks
  • Building consensus for change with your key stakeholders
  • Supplying executive support to develop transformation strategies

Contact us to discuss how Agile Mentors can provide these services and more for your organisation.

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