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Disciplined Agile Deliver Book Cover

Disciplined Agile Delivery. Many organizations start their agile journey by adopting Scrum because it describes a good strategy for leading agile software teams. However, Scrum is only part of what is required to deliver sophisticated solutions to your stakeholders. Invariably teams need to look to other methods to fill in the process gaps that Scrum purposely ignores. When looking at other methods there is considerable overlap and conflicting terminology that can be confusing to practitioners as well as outside stakeholders. Worse yet people don’t always know where to look for advice or even know what issues they need to consider.

To address these challenges the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process decision framework provides a more cohesive approach to agile solution delivery. To be more exact, here’s a definition: “The Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) decision process framework is a people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach to IT solution delivery. It has a risk-value delivery lifecycle, is goal-driven, is enterprise aware, and is scalable.”
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SDLC 3.0 Book Cover

SDLC 3.0 The world of software development methodology has
become a bit of a cottage industry. Philosophical divisions and dogma laced with branding and driven by profit motive are commonplace. Re-invention replaces integration due to a lack of collaboration. A pragmatic perspective however would be to leverage all past experience in context when approaching modern software engineering challenges. For example, issues faced by the Agile community related to agility at scale and technical debt have already been addressed before by other communities.

SDLC 3.0 represents the rationalization of modern software engineering methods into a Complex Adaptive System of practices. It leverages Control Systems Engineering theory to explain Agile beyond a tacit and anecdotal basis such that the pace of modern practice adoption can accelerate. And because “more for less” is now as important as “being agile”, it articulates blueprints of the Lean IT Enterprise.


Advisor logo

The Software Development Practice Advisor is a patent-pending expert system that enables the timely delivery of advice and guidance for software endeavors. It provides credible explanations as to why certain practices work in various contexts, and supports effective change through incremental adoption of practices in a culturally sensitive manner. “Advisor” realizes the IT industry’s first Lean and Agile Transformation Infrastructure for achieving successful change at the scale of the enterprise. It also represents the industry’s first Lean and Agile Governance solution that is ALM-vendor agnostic, enabling efficient and effective self-organization and empiricism at enterprise scale while lowering the total cost of transformation.

General Agile Resources

National Audit Office Governance Agile Delivery

The UK Government are taking a keen interest in all things Agile and have a dedicated website at In order to combat waste and reduce the risk of project failure they will use Agile Delivery in half of major ICT-enabled change programs from April 2013 with an aim to reduce average delivery time by 20 percent.

The National Audit Office have produced a report “Governance for Agile Delivery” which focuses on the higher level issues (governance) which often gets overlooked or under appreciated in the project environment. The report makes reference to the varied Agile strategies adopted by significant organisations including IBM (Outlining their use of Disciplined Agile Delivery), BT, Innocent Drinks and Vodafone.