Planning Cards

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Agile Mentors is not currently trading as a consultancy, in the interim we are still selling our stock of Planning Cards. They can be purchased at the eBay link below.

Agile Planning Cards are used to perform the Planning Game, also known as “Planning Poker”. It is a consensus-based technique for relative estimation, mostly used to estimate effort or the relative size of product features during backlog refinement or sprint planning.

Our cards have proven to be very popular, with so many orders from around the world that we had to re-order 100’s more from our printers! You can purchase our Agile Planning Cards on eBay

Cards and Box Full deck

A Planning Game session typically progresses as follows:

  1. Each team member holds a set of Agile planning cards
  2. The product owner briefly describes the product feature to be estimated
  3. The team discuss and the product owner answers questions
  4. Each team member independently selects a card to represent their estimate
  5. All selected cards are revealed at the same time
  6. Any outlying estimates are explained and discussed
  7. Cards continue to be selected independently until estimates converge

The cards used typically follow a loose-approximation to a Fibonacci sequence, together with other “special cards” for the team to select in each round of the game. As opposed to a linear sequence of choices, the scale encourages an approximate estimate that is “good enough”.

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