Julian Holmes


Julian Holmes
Founder Agile Mentors

PLEASE NOTE: Julian is currently working as an employee for ThoughtWorks, and hence this role and that of the Agile Mentors organisation is  currently suspended.

Founder of Agile Mentors, Julian Holmes, has a proven track record in enhancing the software development capability of large and complex IT organisations. These skills stem from the experience of performing many different software development roles over his 20+ years working within the industry.

Julian has always been recognised for the “agile” practices he has adopted and encouraged others to adopt. Even before the Agile phrase in the context of software development existed, Julian was leading highly collaborative, client-engaging, cross-functional teams, that demonstrated results on a regular basis, allowing for alignment to business change.

More recently Julian’s work has been focused on helping his clients achieve greater “agility” through the use of Agile methods and practices from Scrum, XP, and Disciplined Agile Delivery.

His capability in agile transformation has been demonstrated most recently by Julian’s work with systems integrator, government and financial services clients in the transformation of their organisations into reference sites for large-scale and distributed agile delivery projects, including clients who have had to learn how to collaborate with 3rd-party suppliers.

Specialties: Julian can bring many services to any organisation, complex, large or small, including his specialities of: strategic change planning, coaching, mentoring, and training, for the use and adoption of software development practices including those from Agile methods, Iterative Project Management, Software Development Team Leadership, and the supporting delivery tools.

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